Via Alpina Day 13 : Lauterbrunnen to Griesalp

Km today : 22
Km remaining : 132
Highest elevation gain planned for today. We left Lauterbrunnen after a Cappuccino at the bakery at 7:10 in order to make some use of the cold air temperature. And it was already steep. We sweated quite a lot until we reached Winteregg as soon as the sun hit us directly. At least you can find water easily on the way up. We then had our first break and second breakfast in Mürren around 9. The way went then steep again to reach the Rotstockhütte caban where we took another drink break. We reached the Sefinefurgge at around 13:00. We had our lunch break up there. After 2000m uphill we “only” had 1200m downhill to arrive at Griessalp, our today’s section destination. We were tired and thirsty. But happy to get a cold drink, a shower, a nice evening meal and will probably have a good night sleep.

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