TA day 140 Invercargill to Stirling Points

33km total 3006km

7 hours

I woke up early this morning. It was around 4:15 but anyway I wasn’t really sleeping because I guess of the excitement. It is not everyday that you finish a three thousands kilometers adventure. I pack my tent in the pitch dark night and make myself on the way. The first ten kilometers are on a estuary walkway and pleasant to walk in the night. The weather was windy, cold and some showers reminded me that I was still next to the sea. At the end of the walkway an industrial zone is crossed and according toy map I will have to walk the next twenty kilometers on the state highway shoulder. Usually not big deal but right now it was still night and the road is very busy with 18 wheelers roaring at less than two meters from me. Because you can’t walk on the shoulder I basically stay on the road and jump down the shoulder each time a truck passes by. Not the best experience and strange way to finish this walk. But on the other hand it defines well Te Araroa. The day arrives and it do even enjoy the morning colors. I can see the industrial port Bluff and locate the Bluff behind which the end of The Araroa is located. I fill up mywater at the cemetery and make my way to Bluff. The village sign is much smaller than on the pictures. As the coastal trail is closed I choose to walk over the Bluff. Last hill to cross on this trail. I slow down my pace just enough to keep warm and enjoy the last hour on the trail. I walk down the Bluff and enjoy the views of the coast and of Stewart Island. Only 45 minutes to Stirling point I am getting excited on the idea of seeing the signpost. It been a very long way down here. And then it appears. I just stop right on the trail and realize that this is it. A hundred and forty days ago this is where I started. I enjoy the last couple of meters to the sign. As I touch the sign I can feel the relief.


I made it and I am internally very happy. I am alone at this point exactly how I started at Cape Reinga.

The feelings are quite difficult to describe at this point. I realize that something was just accomplished and yeah somehow I walked a long way down here.

TA day 139 Colac Bay to Invercargill
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