Via Alpina Day 14 : Griesalp to Kandersteg

Km today : 17

Km remaining : 115

Today we were able to have a swim, and it was welcoming because it was so hot ! We started at 8:35 after a good breakfast and a so so night (thanks to our noisy but still slow sleeping neighbors). As soon as we were bombarded bit the sunshine, I immediately began to sweat. It was to be a hot day. In addition, we knew that the ascent would be getting even steeper until the Hohtürli pass. We took our time but even then we passed a lot of people. It was again another sunny and surprisingly busy trail. We reached the pass after three hours (well done mom!) And took a well deserved apricot tart break at the Bluemisalphuette. Again quite a few people were looking strangely at the things tied on my feets. We passed at least three couples also hiking the Via Alpina. As we went down to the Oeschinen Lake it was getting hot again. As soon we were near enough from the water , we dipped in the fresh and cold water. It was amazing. After drying our salt free skin, we hiked the last part down to Kandersteg. I found a little place at the campground. After pitching my tent we went to Kandersteg to finish todays section but most importantly to have a big ice cream!

I will try to leave early tomorrow as the weather will be very hot again.

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  1. Elisabeth
    30/07/2019 at 07:05

    You made it!👍👍👍
    Congrats! Thanks for sharing your magic moments with us

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