West Coast Trail 2019


The West Coast Trail is a trail located on the Vancouver island along the canadian west coast. It is 75 Kilometers long and it takes around 6 days to be completed. It was oringinally built as lifesaving trail for the survivors of the boats who crashed on the coast due to bad weaher or orientation.

Nowadays a lot of hikers use this trail during the warm weather. Speaking of weather it is the northern west coast so you can be either lucky or just wet for the whole trail duration.

I came accros this weather during skiing holidays. It was an advert for a adventure broadcast in a bar who gave me the idea to do this trail.

You can find more information here:


Because it is o popular you have to register your starting day at teh begining of the year and the reservation are going away real fast.

We will be two starting NOBO on the 15th of May.