Via Alpina Day 5 : Linthal to Urner Boden

Km today : 16
Km remaining : 286

First 100k are done. And with that the sun is back on my Via Alpina! After a good night sleep in Braunwald. I went down to Linthal again to meet friends that hiked witj us today. The knees are a family problem as it looks like. My dad as knee problems, similar as me a few days ago. He went ahead of us and we took one hour to get back by foot to Braunwald. It was nice but hot. After a small break, we went further direction Urner Boden. It was quite hot but comfortable because the wind was cool and also a lot of trees provided velcoming shadows. We finally found a place to have lunch after 2 hours and then hiked down to the Urner Boden Meadows. We hiked along the clear and cold Fätschbach river before my two friends from Zürich left for their bus back down. We continued further to Urner Boden and had a few beers there to celebrate this nice section. I even found Alpkäse cheese for tomorrow. As the weather will be really bad tonight I will sleep in a dormitory. Tomorrow will be a long day so I better get some rest.

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