Via Alpina Day 6 : Urner Boden to Altdorf

Km today : 27
Km remaining : 259
Fog day again! After getting up and breakfast I started the uphill hike to the Klausenpass at 9:15. It wasn’t sunny but at least it was cold and comfortable to hike. I arrived at the pass one hour later and then started the long descent to Altdorf. In addition to the high elevation loss, I also had to hike to the end of the Valley. Nice little Alps and muddy paths were traversed along the way. After traversing the pass road a few time I arrived down at the river which I followed until I reached Bürglen, the city of Wilhelm Tell. Nice church dominating the village. And right after I was in the middle of Altdorf in front of a well known Statue at 15:45. Time to pitch my tent in a noisy campground full of caravans from the Netherlands. Then I was finally able to relax in the swimming pool which features a nice wave machine.
Hopefully my muscles will be ready for the next day.

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