Via Alpina Day 4 : Elm to Linthal

Km today : 24

Km remaining : 302

Leaving the Gasthouse Segnes

After a nice night sleep and a great breakfast it was time to leave the Gasthaus Segnes and hit the trail again. After meeting with my dad, buying some bread and sweets we attacked the uphill direction Empachli. The atmosphere was foggy and quite special. It was just a great temperature to hike.

Dad joining the sandals family 🙂

After a coffee break at a nice hut we started the ascent of the Richetlipass going through Obererbs where we found a bus stop in the middle of nowhere at 1700 meters above sea. The ascent to the Erbser Stock was hard but the views up there were rewarding.

Alp Wichtenbach

This is where I found out that I forgot my mittens and my beanie back in Elm. Looks like that I will have to make a small 3 hours detour tonight, damnit! We finally reached the pass after traversing the Wichtenbach meadow. My dad took a little bit more time but at 62 not a lot of people would be still able to do this kind of things. During the descent we decided that I would Rusch to the train station in order to get my things back in Elm. I rushed down to Linthal and even had to run like mad the last 5 five in order to catch the train. Otherwise I would have to wait another hour having nothing to do. I entered the train literally 10 seconds before departure. It was quite hot in it and I probably looked like that I just had a shower. I got my things back in Elm and now I just finished my dark beer here in Schwanden, waiting for the train. I am tired but tomorrow will be a good day with friends joining us.

Wildlife I saw today (in order of appearance) : a wild dad 😉 , a bunch of marmots trying to get fat and at least 3 curios alpine ibex

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