JCT Day 4 : Belchenfluhe to Balstahl

16 km 950m up/1150m down 5 hours
Total 83 km
13th November 2018

Rain rain rain! I was more than happy to get a hotel room in Balsthal. After my first night in my tent and getting up in the morning, it almost started to rain immediately. The walk to Balsthal was nice but wet. I made a small break at the Tiefmatt mountain restaurant and although the restaurant was closed the amazing lady working there gave me a coffee and a piece of apricot tart. I was so wet that I insisted on stayed outside under a dry part of the terrace. I reached the Roggenflue not long after and started the muddy and slippery descent to Balsthal, it was funny! I was happy to get my room early in order to rest a little and also to get rid of the mud that accumulated under my sandals. Hopefully the weather would be a little better the day after because I got already enough of this grey weather and was seeking after the sun again.

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