JCT Day 3 : Salhöhe to Belchenfluhe

Day 3
20 km 800m up/650m down 6 hours
Total 67 km
12th November 2018

After my dad hiked the two first stages with me, my mom and aunt joined me for this third stage. It was a great opportunity because I misread the bus timeplan and was too lazy either to walk back to Salhöhe or to wait 45 minutes for the next bus. So she picked me up for the 2 kilometers. After a start in the misty and wet morning we reached the highest point of the Aargau Canton at 908 meters.  After that we walked further through a partly muddy path on the Froburg were we made a break under the warmth of the sun. Hauenstein was supposed to be the end of today stage but we went further on. We made a nice stop at Challhöchi in an old farm restaurant. My mom and my aunt went then on to Laüfelfingen. I went further on the JCT with the idea to sleep somewehere around the Belchenflue. And it was very noisy! The swiss army was training with firearms and you could see really clearly the tracing amunitions flying through the darkening evening.

After hitting the top of Belchenflue at Sunset (nice atmosphere up there) I walked down to find a spot for the night

Yay first time camping on the trail! After a few rain drops in the morning we had a very nice weather all day. It was even warm under the direct sunlight. I pitched my tent in the evening on a small field and had a nice but windy night.

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