TA day 118 Stodys hut to Lake Hawea

22km total 2561 km

6 hours

And another bad weather day. It is with an amazing sunrise and some cold rain that I start my walk upward breast hill. The road up there is easy to walk but the rain and the wind makes it a cold moment to get through. I have a break at Pakiti hut before going on. Luckily the rain stop and soon the sun is back abd dries me up quickly. The walk down lake Hawea is very nice and I enjoy it a lot.

I have a second break at the lake and then walk to Lake Hawea village. I try to find the center of town with the help of my paper map but it isn’t that easy. Finally I find the diary and then the hostel. Learning again to live without a phone is interesting. I even used my E-reader Web browser to check the Wanaka hostels. The hostel here is nice and the old shower is welcome.

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