TA day 117 Ahuriri River to Stodys hut

39 km total 2539 km

12 hours

And my phone is dead. It didn’t like much the Ahuriri River. Guess I will have to get a new one in Wanaka. Luckily I have my printed maps with me and the track is pretty straight forward. Once up the river bank, the track goes through farmland along a river and then on a 4WD drive up Tin hut from there it goes even steeper up all the way through Marta Saddle. The last bit up and the first bit down is on an old bulldozer track. I eat some lunch at the saddle but the wind makes me walk down quickly. I get to Top Timaru hut at around two in the afternoon. Because it will be full and I am feeling good I carry on. Also some rain is forecasted for the next day and I don’t want to walk along the river at this time (had enough experience with water already) . The track sidlles then down next to river and is back to real tramping standard. I then go the last uphill straight to Stodys hut. It is hard to walk on the steep track already 11 hours in. I arrive at eight o’clock at the hut. Just in time to have some noodles and go straight to bed.

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