TA day 101 Goat pass hut to Bealey hotel

15 km total 2179 km

5 hours

Today I am going down everything I went up yesterday. The trail is in good shape with lots of boardwalk allowing a good pace down the pass. The views are nice and I easily reach the state highway after a last river cross. After a lunch break at Greney’s shelter I get back on walking firstly on the road before finding some way through grass areas. The tussocks and other sharp plants make it hard to walk, particularly because my sandals offer little protection against it. I cross the last river and get on a hill before litterally finding myself in the garden of the Bealey hotel. I enjoy my beer and a salad before trying to find a hitch to Arthur’s pass. A nice lady from Germany takes me to the village where a find a spot for my tent at the sanctuary. There is rain forecasted for the next day so I will be able test my tent in real conditions.

TA day 100 Kiwi hut to Goat pass hut
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