TA day 94 Upper Waiau Forks to Anne hut

35km total 2032km

9 hours

Looks like I had a cold night. My short was frozen and also my bottle of shampoo froze and so everything was soaked in soap this morning. I took me some time to clean this mess up. But I was able to eat my breakfast with the first sunshines of the day and this was great. Then, after a small walk I passed the symbolic 2000km mark. Time to rethink about the past 1000km. What an amazing time I had. I am feeling great and more than ready for the last one thousand kilometers to come. The trail goes down the Waiau Valley that widens up and gives me an amazing landscape to watch. I take quite a few pictures and just enjoy the windy mountains. I get a few drops of rain but it’s more than okay. I finally reach the new and exposed Anne hut. A fire is burning and makes the hut more than welcoming.

TA day 93 Upper Travers hut to Waiau Forks
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