TA day 93 Upper Travers hut to Waiau Forks

23km total 1998km

11:30 hours

ÀWhat a long and fantastic day. I try to get out of the overcrowded hut rapidly and the cold morning makes me walk fast. I overtake a few other hikers and I am feeling good. I reach the Travers saddle easily so I decide to do some rock scrambling above the saddle to get an even better view. I take some to gaze at all theses peaks and the valley in which I will go down and follow. The downhill is steep and long so my knees are doing some hard work. The walking sticks are really helpful. I have a lunch break at the West Sabine hut. There is a lot of people arriving so I go on soon up t o Bluelake hut. The track is bad shape and you can clearly see that the river is changing it’s path regularly. I arrive at the hut around quarter past three but the hut is already full. As it will be even more full with at least ten people beyond me incoming I decide to carry on and camp later on my way to the Waiau pass. But the weather is so nice that I don’t stop and keep walking and then decide to climb the pass. I have the mountain for me alone and it is amazing. The weather and the lights are incredible and I am still in good shape. I take some time at the pass to realize how lucky I am to live this before going back down the next valley.

The last sunshines help to keep me warm while I scramble down the big rocks. Even some light easy climbing is required. My knees are burning as I reach Waiau Forks. I used the last daylight to pitch my tent, have a freezing cold shower in the river and eat my dinner. I head straight to bed as the temperature is sinking rapidly. The day was nice and I am feeling happy to be again alone in the wilderness.

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