TA day 86 Slaty hut to Mt Rintoul hut

13km total 1874km

7 hours

A windy day! The hut did rumbled a few time during the night and soon on the trail the gales pushed me on the side of the path. Luckily the ridge is wide so it is not too dangerous. I make my way out of the first ridge having a lot of fun. The second part of the day is on a way more exposed section so I am delighted to see the wind dying a little around noon. After a break above old man hut I make my way to little Rintoul it is a easy stroll but you need to be careful as it is quite exposed. The part between the two mountains to Mt Rintoul is more difficult. A lot of loose stones and a trail reassembling more to a succession of stones rivers make the progression slow and exhausting. I manage to summit with my sandals and it was a new experience for me to walk on these Alpine route. The way downhill was just great because I could play in the screes on my way down to the Mt Rintoul hut. I decided to call it a day here at 16:00 and enjoyed the rest of the day here.

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