TA day 85 Rocks hut to Slaty hut

25km total 1861km

11.5 hours

Finally some views! The hut was busy that night and it is always great to start walking again in the silence of the forest. Up on the hill the first clearings make it possible to enjoy the mountains that surround me. It is even a little emotional for me at that time. The trail then goes down to Browning Hut and then Hacket hut both of them next to a stream and so swarming of sandflies. I have lunch at Hacket hut and make my way to the big ascent to Starveall hut, some 900m higher in elevation. I arrive there sweating as hell at 17:30 and decide to carry on to Slaty hut so that I can enjoy the colder temperature of the evening. The trail goes up on a ridge and the view and lights are just unbelievable. I then reach Slaty hut around 20:00 where I have dinner before going to bed after a long but nice day.

TA day 84 Pelorus bridge to Rocks hut
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