TA day 60 Whanganui to Koitiata

32 km total 1394km

7 hours

Early start.

To be able to cross the Turakina river at low tide, I had to start at 5:30 in the morning to get there on time. At 5 George had already prepared a feast of a breakfast and I left Rob and George with a full belly and a big smile on my face. Thanks again George and Rob for these two days in Wanganui. I then crossed the still asleep city to climb the Durie hill. Then the roads leaded me to the beach. And it was windy ! The sand was getting in all of my things and hitting my legs so hard it was almost burning.

After an hour I got to the river. I found the markers and crossed safely at the low tide. I had almost all afternoon to have lunch, find a more or less sheltered spot for my tent and rest from the early start. It rained a little in the afternoon so it was a nice cold night.

TA day 59 zero in Whanganui
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