TA day 59 zero in Whanganui

0 km total 1362km

0 hours

Another second and welcomed rest day. My shoulder still hurts from the river kayak and I sensed that then I helped George making some plum jam. But still I am a good stirrer he said. After George took me on a local road trip and showed me the improvements made for the trail, the cute little local airport, the Marae which Rob is affiliated to and I took a ride in the old Durie hill elevator (all wooden with benches and a nice lady operating it. It was really squeaking and the nice tunnel leading to the base of it was something special. Some bagel and a nap later I went to buy some food and then Rob showed my their garden. Every single piece found in this garden has its own significance and story. I learned quite a bit about the Maori culture and my two hosts. We had then a very good dinner and again ice cream with plum it was great. Needless to say that I slept great again after a nice call with Melissa. Tomorrow will be an early wake up.

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