TA day 31 Rangiriri to Hakarimata range

26 km total 730km

10 hours with resupply and McDonald’s break total 206.5 hours

I started quite late this morning. After some more turnstile and farmland the trail goes through a golf court (beware of the flying balls) and had my first stop at the nice and old golf club house. I went then still along the Waikato river next to the Huntly power station (coal gas power) who provide almost 30 percent of the New Zealand electricity. Further on you get on the road and enter Huntly. There I had to make the decision to continue or call it a day. Following the weather forecast and other hikers suggestions I bought some food, ate a few burgers and went back on the road again. After five kilometers I finally left the road and entered the Hakiramata forest. And it was epic. Like you have around 1000 steps to get up to get to the first Lookout. The local use it for cardio training. After that I tramped almost two more hours on the trees roots before I found a nice spot to camp.

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