TA day 11 Kerikeri to Paihia

25km total 246km

6h total 68h30

After a good flat white and buying some Gouda cheese I went along the river to the estuary. the weather was sunny but some rain was forecasted in the afternoon. The trail went through some residential area before going in a forest on a gravel road. It was nice but a little monotonous.

TA day 10 Puketi Forest HQ to Kerikeri
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  1. Mam's
    17/11/2019 at 21:13

    Hi my son !
    Do you meet others hikers on your way. Alone like you ? Or groups ? Do you have some contact with Neu Zealanders ?
    Kiss from your Mother.

    • antoine
      antoine • Post Author •
      17/11/2019 at 22:10

      Hi Mom!
      Yeah the trail is getting quite popular so I am hiking most of the time alone but I stay at the same place as other TA hikers so I am never alone for a long time. Also the kiwis are really nice and they frequently asked if they can help.

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