TA day 10 Puketi Forest HQ to Kerikeri

24 km total 221km

6 hours total 62h30

Nice road walking day. After getting some gravel road under my feet, the trail went up some pastures through a herd of sheep. The grass was wet and slippery but the landscapea were very contrasted and green. Then the trail got bat to the gravel for a while. Finally the last bit next to the river and the rainbow fall was very nice. I am back to the civilization. It is good not having to cook for once. Also I do have network coverage again so that I can do some blogging but that is not so easy with all the people I meet and spend time discussing with. Anyway I will try to post as regularly as possible and thank you all for your nice comments 😉

TA day 9 Omahuta and Puketi forests
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