TA day 1: Cape Reinga to twilight camp

12 km total 12 km

Time 2h30 total 2h30

What a great start! After the bus tour first forgot to pick me up and someone else from the company took me then to the bus. I got a nice trip to the Cape Reinga with a nice and funny guide and a nice visit of the region. The weather was great and maybe a little bit too warm. After the mandatory picture at the lighthouse it was time to step into this trail that I will follow my next few millions of footsteps. Nicely going up and down and through the first beaches I reached the campground at 16:30.

It was a great training for the 28km of beach that are waiting for me tomorrow. And somehow my Achilles tendon didn’t hurt at all ! I am delighted.

Kia Ora! Lasts steps before TA
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