TA day 2 Twilight camp to Maunganui Bluff

28 km Total 40 km

Hours 7h total 9h30

After a few ups and downs and even the first wrong path I followed, I walked down to 90 miles beach. I will be on this beach for the next three days… It is almost 90 miles long so I better keep going. The beginning is always nice and it as was sunny and windy. But soon you start to notice that litterally nothing happens. On your right you have the ocean with the waves crashing producing this white noise and on your left sand, dunes and more sand.

At least I had a nice chat with the other hikers. The old couple doing a 5 days hike around Cape Reinga and this Aussie guy who’s really cool. Finally I arrived at the Bluff. Long day and sadly it will repeat itself tomorrow.

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