JCT Day 12: Dent de Vaulion to Col de Marchairuz

The clouds are back with the cold rain! After a good night I hiked a little bit to the col de Mollendruz to have a fast Breakfast. I have to rush if I want to catch the bus down at the arrival. So it is with a fast pace that I went up to the Mont Tendre summit. It was really windy so I didn’t stay much long up there. I then rushed to the Col de Marchairuz only to find out that there no bus there on Friday. This means I had to hitchhike or to hike down to the next village. I decided for the latter and went down to St-George after a small break at the Col de Marchairuz.I am happy with the 4 stages and 100 km I hiked in 3 days. This means that there are only two stages remaining. Maybe I will find some time to hike it before November.

JCT day 11: Ste-Croix to the Dent de Vaulion
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