La Vélo Francette : 600 km by bike between two french seas

Because I had some free time remaining before my little NZ expedition, I joined my mom and aunts to bike a bicycle path that stretches from Caen in Normandy to La Rochelle at the Atlantic ocean. The 11 day trip started by getting up really early at the Hostel of Delémont by 4 in the morning. After a fast breakfast I left and took the first train of many in order to reach Caen some 8 hours or 800 kilometers later. After getting my things on my bike which I borrow from my aunt I started the Vélo Francette. It begins by getting along the Orne river. It then use an old railroad track to connect to the Mayenne river which leads to Angers. From there on it follows the Loire river until a city called Saumur. Then the path goes south to Niort where you enter the Marais-Poitevin Park which you cross to get to La Rochelle.

Except my small injury on my Achilles tendon, everything went well. We got mixed weather but still two thirds of the trip remained dry. I really enjoyed the views and also the nice food, wine and beer that we discovered along this adventure.

But getting back to Switzerland was another story. Upon arriving at the train station of Caen where I was to give my borrowed bike back, I learned that the french national train company was striking , again. Nonetheless, as my train was cancelled, I got myself a coffee and waited for the next one. I finally reached Paris and decided to improvise in this big mess. I went to a different Parisian train station than planned and simply jumped into the next train heading to Switzerland. After spending a few hours on the ground of the TGV I eventually entered Switzerland. Needless to say I was quite tired.

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