What’s up next?

Finally I am back home here in Switzerland. As you can see from the picture it is like turning a page and obviously socks too. I am heading to the trailhead of the Swiss Via Alpina (the green trail part from the 5000 km of this trail network).

What I am expecting?

  • 390 km
  • 14 passes
  • 26 000 m of positive elevation gain.
  • 20 stages/days of hike with a few rest days in between

I will try to post each day with a few picture along this great hike. I am heading to Vaduz tomorrow and I can hardly wait to hit the trail again!

Take care!


Glacier National Park
Via Alpina Day 1 : Gaflei to Sargans »
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  1. The little sister
    The little sister
    08/07/2019 at 19:02

    Looking forward to walk a day or two (being optimistic would mean more, but let’s start slow) with you Big Brother. Good start in the Via Alpina !

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