TA day 135 Telsford campsite to Birchwood Station

27 km total 2843 km

Kinda of a early wake up for me. As the mouse destroyed my night of rest it was time to get going after finishing cleaning the mess this little piece of mammals created in my tent. I left the camp around eight as the others campers were still camping. The track today goes through a farming station and the signs are here to remind you to follow carefully the track and to not step aside. The track gains some altitude and offers nice views of the neighboring hills. The track mainly follows farm track and is well marked and easy to follow. After an easy river cross I heard a plane and soon enough I find myself under its flying route. It is a farm plane fertilizing the fields. It is flying in big circles and quite close to the ground. I even get showered by fertilizer once. Once I am out of reach of the plane I have some lunch and enjoy the views that remind me of the hills of the Swiss plateau. Just bigger. And it is definitely getting colder. I enjoy the afternoon walk and easily get to the Birchwood station were an old sheep shearer house is hosting TA walkers. As I am there early I enjoy the place and the comfy couch. The end is nearing fast so I just take the scenery and enjoy my time. The weather is supposed to get worse tomorrow but nothing new here.

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