TA night 113 day 114 Lake Tekapo to Twizel

55 km total 2444km

12 hours

I leave the hostel soon after midnight. I didn’t get lot of sleep because of the other people in the but whatever I am still rested enough. It is pitch black outside and despite the clouds I do still get some nice views of the sky full of stars. After leaving the village the track goes along a water canal for almost 30 kilometers. As the rover flows on the left at the beginning, it gives my the feeling of walking on a small road with water everywhere around me. I do almost not use my headlight so it is hard to guess how far away I am actually from the water. The road is rather boring to walk but walking in the dark makes it almost unreal. At some point it starts to rain and I put on my rainpants to get away from the cold wind. It is the firsts time I use them beside when I am doing my laundry. Nearing the end of the canal I walk next to the salmon farm. With it’s green light beaming in the blue water, the fish enclosures look like some kind of alien spaceship. Very strange. I walk down to the next lake where the hydro power station and get greeted by a fantastic sunrise. I am getting tired and decide to take my first break after almost seven hours of walking after some breakfast und light rain I carry on and get greeted by an amazing rainbow. I stare there in aww for long moment. I get to taste some fresh salmon at the visitors where the lady working there gives me some fresh plums from her garden. From there and fully loaded with energy I walk to Methven. The last part is a endless stretch of flat land with absolutely nothing in it. I enjoy a coffee there and jump in my hostel bed as soon as I canto get some well deserved sleep. In the evening I get myself an enormous pizza and some nice salmon balls, a local speciality.

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