TA day 98 Hurunui hut to Hurunui N°3 hut

9 km total 2113 km

4 hours with one hour in the pools

Short day today. As I am a little bit tired from the last days I will have a easy day. The walk is easy and goes along the river with some occasional sidling on the steep forest. As I come across a stream on white Stone and looking to wash my feet I am surprised by the water: it is hot! This means that the hot pool might not be too far away. After a little search I found it. After getting some cold water in it I immerge myself quickly to get rid of the sandflies. It is a real delight. I enjoy the pool for almost an hour before getting out and walking to the next hut. With the sunny weather the inside is hot and so it will be hard to get a good sleep. You could open the windows but then the cloud of sandflies just invades the indoors.

TA day 102 and 103 zero day at Arthur ass
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