TA day 104 the Bealey Hotel to Hamilton hut

19km total 2198km

6.5 hours

I enjoyed my motel room until the last minute and finally packed my backpack and took the road walk again. After a two days break it is always hard to walk again. As the restaurant is closed I have kind of a breakfast while I walk along the road. After an apple and a chocolate bar I feel better. I arrive at the beginning of the track after an hour and it begins with a steep 600 meters of elevation gain. I am sweating like hell. The uphill walk is in the forest but as soon as the t ack get easier the views of the Waimakariri river appears and it makes it hard for me to look where I put my feet. After a small lunch break at the lagoon saddle shelter I walk down and a few times accross the river. The old West Harper hut is worth a visit. It is so old that the timber was done with local big stick of wood. The trail then goes further down along the river before crossing two bridges and arriving at the Hamilton hut. I throw myself in the cold river as soon as I get there. The hut is big and I enjoy the evening with the other TA hikers.

TA day 96 Boyle flat hut to Hope Halfway shelter
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