TA day 57 flying fox to Whanganui campground

53 km kayaking total 1355km

10 hours (my arms hurt!)

After a lazy start from the nice Flying Fox place we got back again on the river. My arms were sore and it was difficult to keep paddling. And soon the last rapids were gone and the river went very quiet. No more currents means only me arms were pushing me forward. Together with the scorching hot sun it made it really hard. I had to make a break in the shade at some time just to let me cool down. Somehow we missed the camp at 30k so we decided to carry on. The last ten kilometers were really hard on me and I was more than delighted to hit the top 10 holiday park. I barely found any energy to take the kayak out of the water, eat something, pitch my tent, had a shower and going to bed. It was a hard but still great day. Sleep wasn’t hard to find.

TA day 56 Ngaporo campsite to Flying Fox
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