TA day 44 Piropiro campsite to Bennett’s road campground

42km total 1007km

9.5 hours total 292.5hours

1000! What a good day ! And also first marathon hiked on the trail. As expected it rained non stop the whole morning but I was feeling great so it wasn’t much of a problem. I just didn’t tied my sandals properly so I got a rubbing wound on one foot. I stopped for lunch at the #10 campsite but after I ate I decided to carry on to keep myself warm and busy. At the beginning it was cold because I was so wet but soon it got better and also the rain stopped before making room for some great and welcomed sunshines. I was happy to pass the 1000 km mark and also because I was getting out of the timber trail. I finally arrived after almost ten hours of walk at the camp and could dry myself in the last sun rays of the day. My tent was almost dry again.

My feet hurt s little from the long distance so I will have to take care of them the next days.

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