TA day 35 Whatawhata to Kaniwhaniwha campsite

24km total 798km

6.5 hours total 234 hours

After a night full of music it was time to pack up and leave the nice bar. Some roadwalk later I entered the track and soon I saw two other hikers fighting in deep high mud. Wrong way I hoped, and I was right. I kept walking along the Waipa river before getting back to the road. Then followed a nice track through the hills with nice view up north and also with lots of sheeps everywhere. And yes they can make noise ! Then the track went down to another road which I walked to the Nikau track. After a short hike I arrived at the nice campsite. It was early so I went swimming in the cold river and used the time to have a nap, fix my backpack and to visit the surrounding. Tomorrow will go up, just up.

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