TA day 28 Auckland airport to Drury

31km total 647km

11hours with lots of breaks total 179h30

I got an early start for once. That’s mainly because it was so noisy in the terminal and I couldn’t get a real sleep. After a coffee I was leaving the airport city on the busy road heading east. I then took some time to observe the landing aircrafts. After a river walk I had a breakfast break before hiking through an industrial district. After a residential part the trail went through some garden and then hit the road. Under the sun it was hot but that is part of the Te Araroa. I eventually arrived in Drury where Tammy will have me for the night. Her family has a nice house up on the mountain with a fantastic pool. It did a lot of good on my sore muscles from all this road walk. Tomorrow will be a single long road walk so I better get some rest.

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  1. La ptite soeur
    La ptite soeur
    04/12/2019 at 09:31

    Troooop belles les sandales! Je vais considérer l’acquisition d’une paire tantôt ! Ça va les talons?

    • antoine
      antoine • Post Author •
      05/12/2019 at 06:15

      Les talons sont un peu secs mais la tendinite s’en va gentiment.

  2. Mam's
    04/12/2019 at 22:38

    You leave one pair of sandals that made you discover beautiful landscape !
    The blue sandals will be good relay. …..with a few emotion to leave one pair I think.😉

    • antoine
      antoine • Post Author •
      05/12/2019 at 06:16

      Yes it wasn’t easy to let then go. But on the other hand it won’t have to carry the new one in my bag anymore

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