TA day 19 Mangawhai Heads to Pakiri beach

28km total 463km

8h30 total 123h30

On today’s program was some road walk and some beach walk to connect to the next forest track. I took my second breakfast at Mangawhai and had also another good flat white there. Then the trail goes further on dusty gravel road. Finally you arrive the first beach you’ll have to hike south. I saw a young bird and gave him some water. Hopefully he survived the day. After crossing Te Arai point you get to the Pakiri beach. It reminded me of 90 miles beach. Lots of surfer were in the water. Three hours later I arrived at the beach camp. I had an ice cream there and also a nice swim on the sea. It was refreshing after the long and hot day. Ready for the next forest track! My feets hurt a little but that may be because of the hot weather and the sun.

TA day 18 Uretiti camp to Mangawhai Heads
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  1. Mam's
    25/11/2019 at 18:34

    Good climb to Tamahunga 437 m.☺ I readed the sun could be agressiv in NZ .Take care.🌞 have a good Day and a good tramping today.

  2. Mam's
    25/11/2019 at 18:38

    “Thank you ” from the bird you saw on the beach. He wanted so much drinking water.

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