TA day 17 Jagger’s camp to Ureiti beach camp(Ruakaka).

32km total 399 km.

10h total 105 hours.

After a nice walk on the beach the trail up to Bream’s Head was supposed to be closed but to my delight it was open. It isgreat pleasure that I hauled myself up the first mountain through the numerous stairs. I passed through an old WWII radar station and then finally got to the summit above the trees. The view was fantastic and it gave me a feeling of the end of the world. I liked that moment. Then I got down to the intersection with the peach cove trail before heading up again with looooots of stairs to conquer again. But the weather was nice (again) and hot (again) so the time passed through fast. After three hours of bushwhacking it got out of the forest and through a series of nice little bays. After a lunch break and a call to Blair from the water taxi, he took me Frome Reotahi bay to Marsden point. The change of landscape is drastic as you leave a maritime natural reserve to enter a huge oil Refinery. I had enough time to reach Ruakaka but had to do a small but convenient detour to the supermarket because of the high tide. I then pushed an additional 5 km to get to the campsite. I liked this day because of its variety.

TA day 16 Nikau camp to Jagger's camp (ocean Beach)
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