JCT Day 10 attempt number 2 : Noiraigue to Ste-Croix

Here I am again! 11 months after the first attempt where I got lost in the freezing fog I am finally back and very motivated!This time the weather is cloudy too but the sight is much better and it is also warmer. After reaching the Creux-du-Van easily and having a big smile at the location where I took the wrong path last year, I started the long crossing on the crest to Ste-Croix. I did a food and water break (water is almost impossible to find up there) at the Chalet de la Combaz I ascended gradually the Chasseron where I saw a few chamois.I then hiked down reaching Ste-Croix After some 7 hours of hike. It was fast because the weather was wet and the visibility not so good. After a good beer in the town I looked up the place I booked to sleep and strangely found out I needed to take a bus to the next village.What a mistake. After searching the place for a while I found out that the house really is in Ste-Croix, some 4 kilometers away.I finally reached the place and had a good sleep after a nice and huge burger.

Where I am now.
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  1. Sophie
    05/10/2019 at 13:57

    Thank you very much for sharing the nice anecdotes of your trekking. ..

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