Via Alpina Day 17 : Lenk to Gstaad

Km today : 22

Km remaining : 62

After a camping night shortened by a crazy thunderstorm ( my tent survived, yay!) I decided to sleep a little bit longer and wait for the sun to dry my things. Tonight I am not sleeping in my tent! I left the campground at 9:30 with around 1000m of elevation at the program. Hiking along the Wallbach river was refreshing but soon after that the heat was again hitting hard.

I reached the Trüttlisbergpass after a two and a half hours. Nice view and a refreshing wind were perfect for my lunch break. I need peanut butter. The long descent through the Turbachtal was also rewarding and I had then a small break at the Wintermatte Beizli. I then reached the luxurious village of Gstaad one hour later. I do not love this place because everything is focused about money. After buying my peanut butter and just as I boarded the bus to get to my hostel, the hell break loose. I never experienced such a heavy hail storm. Hailstones the size of golf balls were falling down and it was hurting quite a lot so everyone was looking for a shelter.

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