TA day 129 Greenstone car park to Taipo hut

22km total 2701 km

6 hours

After some good rest days in Queenstown it was time to get back on the trail. It is all lazy and with a backpack full of food that I left Greenstone after Christian drove me there on the gravel road all around lake Wakatipu. The sunny weather and easy and well prepared track made the progression easy. I enjoyed the walk up Greenstone hut. You could clearly see traces the overflowing rivers left from the heavy rain a few months ago. I arrived there at 15:30 and as it was early and lot of people were already here I decided to walk further to Taipo hut. The track from the hut is far less used and more of a real Te Araroa tramping track standard. I enjoyed the walk up the Mavora Valley. The flat part of the track wasn’t easy to find and quite muddy as you walk through the Wetlands but I finally get to Taipo hut. There is a very nice river next to the hut and so I couldn’t resist to have a fast bath in it. I did enjoy the great views from the water.

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