TA day 88 Top Wairoa hut to Porter’s Creek hut

17km total 1913km

7.5 hours

The weather is cool and I am feeling great. I am fast going up to the first ridge and really enjoyed the walk. It was a little bit windy but it was okay. I passed the 1900km mark and damn the time and the kilometers are flying by. The trail goes the down to the Motueka river which I follow to reach hunters hut and have lunch there. Nice hut and great views from there. The afternoon is then like the morning: up and down through some steep terrain and across a lot of streams which brings me to the Porter’s Creek hut. I have a little bath there and enjoy the time with the other five hikers. The sun is an unusual color of red-orange because of the smoke from the Australian fires that are still going on. It almost matches the orange color of the hut.

TA day 87 Mt Rintoul hut to Top Wairoa hut
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