TA Day 78 Wellington to School house bay

6km total 1702km

2 hours

And here come the south island. It was a hard night yesterday. And I am still a little bit hangover as I pack my bag, catch the shuttle to the ferry and wait patiently to get a seat on board and continue my way too short night. I sleep a little and the clouds soon make place to a nice and sunny weather. Last time I crossed the Cook Strait it was much more rainy. The ferry is late so instead of on hour to catch the mail boat cruise to ship cove I have just five minutes to run to the boat, get a ticket and jump in before it sails away. Two hours and a few letters delivered later we reach ship cove and after a visit to the monument Insrart to hike for the first time on the south island. As it is already four in the afternoon I will stop at the first campsite. The trail is very gentle and in perfect condition so it is very enjoyable. I arrive after two little hours at the school house bay where I jump in the nice water before setting up my tent having some food (with Swiss cheese!!!) and heading to bed. Tomorrow will be an easy day too as I decided to start rather slowly on order to enjoy the easy trail and the beautiful landscape.

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