TA day 72 Paremata to Wellington

Last day in the north island nature. After getting back on the Te Araroa, I walk along the state highway before crossing the city of Porirua. Nothing interesting as it is like a suburb of Wellington. A steep track full of steps takes me to colonial knob where I get greeted by a few drops of rain. Time for a break and having some great time watching the planes approaching WLG airport before heading down to Ohariu Valley through a forest full of plastic bags (there is a waste landfill nearby). I wanted to have a break after a long roadwalk but the Cafe was closed. I so had a beer a little bit later in the farmland. And then come the last uphill walk to mount Kaukau. And there shines the capital of New Zealand. After I few pictures I head down to the city and we start to look for a place for the night. We are lucky to find a patch of grass in a city park next to a river. Tomorrow will be my last day of walk on the north island part of the Te Araroa. Strange feeling.

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