TA day 70 Waitewaewae hut to Waikanae

35 km total 1605 km

11 hours

Last day in Tararuas. I started around 9 in the morning to enjoy the place a little longer and tramped at a nice place through the bush until I got out of it some three hours later. I took a lunch break at the Parawai lodge and enjoyed the sun. Then came the second forest through the Pukeatua mountain. It was a nice ascent through the shade of the trees with a nice view on the top of it. Around five in the afternoon I got out of the forest and then decided to hike on the last 11 km of road walk to Waikanae. We ended up at the supermarket there and then went on to the river to find a nice camping spot. It was already around 10 when we set up camp and had dinner. Great day and I am happy to have some beach walk tomorrow.

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