TA day 69 Nichols hut to Waitewaewae hut

8km total 1560km

3.5 hours

The weather didn’t really improve. At least it wasn’t raining. I decided to wait a little longer hoping for the sun to shine but then at one thirty went on tmto go down of the range. What a wonderful feeling to put soaking wet clothes on. The worst are definitely the socks. Fortunately I am warming up quickly as the trail start by getting up back to the ridge and further on to the today’s summit. From there it goes straight down to the next hut. The way down was slow because I had to be very careful to not fell over on the steep slope. I was happy to arrive at the nice hut and had a swim in the river where I also washed my clothes. It was nice. Tomorrow will be a longer day so I better get to bed now.

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