TA day 64 Palmerston North to Motorimu shelter

23km total 1500km

7 hours

Halfway! Finally. It been a great day although I never had such a heavy backpack before so it was an interesting test. Having more than 9 days of food on the back was new to me. At least I am ready for the bad weather. The track went through nice green corridors before following a windy road up the valleys. The last part of the day was through regrowing native forest which was nice. I wasn’t really sure about the location of the new shelter but finally got there by five. I washed myself in the nearby river and had a nice halfway evening. I am trying to remember everything that happened so far and all in all it was almost only positive events so it is great. I am thankful to be still in great shape and can’t wait for the next coming half. Only two months passed but I have the impression that I am walking for more than six months.

TA day 63 Palmerston North
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