TA day 22 Puhoi to Stillwater

28km total 548km

11h total 152h with 3 hours break waiting for the low tide

After getting back to the road from my sleeping place I road walked to the Wenderholm regional Park and crossed the small hill from the Couldrey House to Waiwera. There the next section was on beaches and on rocks. As it was only passable at low tide I had to wait for two hours. Nothing much to see here or maybe just a old water park that is falling appart. Fortunately Bob, a local retired painter had a nice chat with me. I learned about his life and Waiwera. He is also a good fisherman and so I learned quite a few things about marine life. I then started around three hours before low tide because I couldn’t went anymore and it was getting cold because of the wind. The rock hopping session was fun although I had to be careful to not slip. It remained me of the Canadian west coast. I then arrived at Orewa where I bought some food and had a lunch break. It was already 16h00 but I decided to carry on to the Stillwater Motor Camp. After getting through some shopping malls, residential areas and a endless road walking (again) I ended up in Stillwater where I had some fish and chips that the lady at the boat club improvised despite kitchen was already closing. The beers rounded it u perfectly. Thanks again for the hospitality. And also thank you to Peter and Maxine for having us for free at the Stillwater motor camp.

I was tired but I knew I could rest a little hit the following day because I again will have to wait for the low tide to do the last estuary crossing before Auckland.

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