TA day 4 Hukatere to Ahipara

30 km total 100 (according to the maps)

8 hours total 25h30

When you lack stimulis, strange things happens. I was sure to have heard people talking in the middle of nowhere but I was alone. I read that it is quite normal. Some people hike this beach by night and they have told about some great hallucinations. Today will be a wet day and soon it was raining like hell. Time to check how my gear behaves against water. Just between two shower as I was having my lunch break the rain came back and my wrap soon was soaked. I decided to go in and reach Ahipara soon. My feets start to blister so I will need to take care of them too. I took a room in the hostel and I look forward to a great night of sleep.

TA day 3 Maunganui Bluff the Hukatere Utea Park
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