TA day 3 Maunganui Bluff the Hukatere Utea Park

30 km Total 70 km

8 hours total 17h30

What else to say in comparison with yesterday? Sure I found out to my depends that the sun hit much harder than back in Switzerland. Hopping to get through the sunburn. Oh yeah and today there is much more traffic on the beach. Lot of 4×4 going fishing and the usual touring bus. I also saw a bunch of seabirds and other dead things like jellyfish and little sharks. Also a few drops of rain were a great refreshing in this harsh world.

I meet another TA hiker before reaching together Utea Park where we were greeted by Paulie and it’s great hospitality. They offered us a shelter and a great bed. Come on only one day to go on this beach.

This sums up the front view of the day
And here the back, monotonous as hell
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