JCT Day 13 and 14: Le Brassus to Nyon

43 km 1240m up/2260m down 10 hours over two days
Total 320 km

Finally the last steps on that Jura Crest Trail are approaching. As no Bus are going to the Col de Marchairuz.I had to hike another two hours. But as the weather was fine it was not a problem. From the pass. The trail goes gently downhill through forests, on a small peak before passing next to an old monastery and reaching St-Cergue. I slept there in the very wet night, at least it was not raining and the local camping had a nice cooking and eating place. After my last break On this JCT I headed to the last summit of La Dôle. The weather and colors were very nice although the clouds and the wind appaered by the top of the mountain. Finally the last piece of the crest was in sight.

I just had to walk down. After passing next to a few dozens of chamois, I went through a big forest to get to the Swiss plateau which I needed to cross. At the end was the arrival city of Nyon where I got a few beers at the local brewery in order to celebrate the crossing of this nice crest.

La Vélo Francette : 600 km by bike between two french seas
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