Via Alpina Day 2 : Sargans to Weisstannen

Km today : 13
Km remaining : 350

I am writing this from inside my tent from a place with no reception! Almost an exception nowadays in Switzerland. I am at the altitude of roughly 1400 meters. It nice , wet and a little cold. All you hear are the cow bells from the alp below and the waterfall. It wasn’t easy to find a place flat enough for my tent because everything here tries to go vertical. The way up here was nice and hot. From the Sargans train station I hiked through the city and then through Mels before starting the ascend to reach the beginning of the Weisstannental. Nature finally. It is a welcome change from the industrial region of Sargans. After walking on some trail passing through steep fields, I reached Schwendi where a small grocery store provided me with a nice ice cream and some Rivella. I reached Weisstannen at 16:00 after a four hours hike. I decided to go a little further direction Foo in the still dry weather. After getting some good cheese from Alp Siez I was greeted by the rain. Around Untersäss was the end of the day. Hopefully the rain will not getting worse

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